Medical Writer/Analyst - Singapore



The Medical Writer/Analyst position is ideal for those with experience in scientific research and for enthusiastic recent graduates in the sciences, who possess exceptional English language skills and are seeking the opportunity to be part of a growing team. You will be based in our Singapore office, working closely with our Asia-Pacific Head and the Asia-Pacific team, as well as collaborating with our experts in our UK team.

Medical Writers and Analysts work on projects involving the detailed analysis of data from clinical trials and the assimilation and creative presentation of this analysis in different formats including posters, slide sets, value dossiers, reports and peer-reviewed publications. These deliverables are used directly by our clients in communication with external stakeholders instrumental to the successful uptake of novel therapies. The work is structured on a project-by-project basis and you will usually be working on several projects in different disease areas at any one time.

You will work in project teams alongside experienced colleagues in both the Singapore and UK offices, who provide one-to-one training in the technical aspects of the role, including project management and effective client communication. Delivering project work requires close collaboration with clients, and following a successful induction period you will increasingly participate in teleconferences and face-to-face meetings with external stakeholders.

Positions are available for those looking for an entry-level position in medical communications as well as those with some prior experience. We are looking for ambitious individuals with the potential to progress rapidly into more senior roles involving greater project management and client responsibility.

Please see below to learn about the difference between Medical Writers and Analysts; please note that you will be asked to specify which role you are applying for in your application form.

Medical Writer

Medical Writers work on a variety of projects across different specialties with a direct focus on written communication. In particular, Medical Writers specialise in the development of publications, which include abstracts, posters, oral presentations and manuscripts targeted at scientific journals and conferences. These projects require the ability to work closely with clients and prominent doctors to deliver high quality writing which is scientifically rigorous and in line with the strategic positioning of the pharmaceutical or medical devices product. Since the publication support is often ongoing, the role also requires constant dedication to customer service, and enables strong relationships to be built up with the clients and healthcare professionals.

Outside of publications, Medical Writers also work on other projects, including developing slide sets for educational events or advisory boards as well as developing reports and other written materials.


Analysts work across a variety of projects and specialise in document types and formats such as educational materials, slide sets, value dossiers, reimbursement submissions and literature review reports.

In a typical week, you could be working on a slide set summarising the epidemiology of type 2 diabetes in Malaysia, supporting a client at an onsite educational event in Bangkok and working alongside colleagues in the UK to adapt a health economics model for a client in China. The materials you prepare will be used directly by pharmaceutical companies to communicate with stakeholders who are instrumental to the successful uptake of novel therapies.


We are looking for individuals who are collaborative, self-motivated and enthusiastic, with a positive attitude and passion for scientific writing.

Essential requirements for the role are:

Excellent Mandarin language is very highly desirable; competency in Japanese or Korean language is also desirable but not essential.


We offer a competitive starting salary depending on your experience. Additional benefits include discretionary cash bonuses and corporate medical and travel insurance. We are committed to the development of all employees and provide excellent internal training opportunities, and full funding, study leave and travel expenses to complete the University of York’s prestigious postgraduate programme in Health Economics for Healthcare Professionals, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine postgraduate programmes in Clinical Trials and Public Health and other external courses. Medical Writers are also encouraged to undertake and submit their own research to the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), International Society for Medical Publications Professionals (ISMPP) and may receive full funding and time away from the office to attend the ISPOR and ISMPP congresses and short courses.

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